Selfie Spotlight

We take the outdoors very seriously here in Outdoor Pursuits. So seriously, in fact, that we barely have the time to take anything else very seriously at all. Case in point, we want to take this final blog post of the semester to appreciate our staff being truly silly as they gear up for finals.

Rumor got back to us that sophomore staffer Jon Inman is turning twenty today, and what better way to celebrate the birthday of our office selfie menace than with interpretations of the gems he’s left for us over the course of his twentieth year.

Take a look…

Staff members Tailor Dolgin ’18, Amanda Odell ’17, Ted Wogan, and Katie Oliver ’16 attempt to channel Jon.

Chloe Mason ’18 pulls her best Jon imitation.
Bryce Fowler ’17 raises questions about both Jon’s sanity and his own.
Tristen Nolasco ’17 shares the birthday love.
Taylor Humphrey ’16 reminds us all of Jon’s love of baseball. And his own. (Go Mets!)
Michael Mejia ’16 pretends to be above our ‘silly birthday games’ while rocking a new hat.
Ted Wogan, Taylor Humphrey ’16, Langston Engle ’19, Phil Friesen, Tanner Boyle ’18, and Marisa Huffman ’16 showcase the Jon Collection once again.
Rachel Fiegenbaum ’17 becomes a Jon selfie sandwich.
Jacob Rose ’18 makes a cameo and shares a smile with the birthday boy and his ice cream in the kitchen.

We couldn’t be more proud to have the silly staff that we do, and we can’t wait to gear up with them again for some seriously awesome outdoor adventures next semester. Happy Birthday to Jon, and Happy Holidays to everyone else as well!

Jon Inman is a sophomore biology major that we snagged as a staff member last year. When he isn’t leaving stray selfies around the office you can find this gear junkie geeking out over rock climbing, mountaineering, sea kayaking, and baseball among other awesome things. 


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