An MSR Whisperlite Jet Guide

We are doing some summer cleaning around the Outdoor Pursuits Office and going through our collection of MSR Whisperlite stoves. We have a mix of the original Whisperlite, the Whisperlite International, and the Whisperlite Universal. They are great stoves, as long as you don’t have the wrong kind of jet for each one.

MSR has an excellent video explaining what each jet is for, but after a Google search we couldn’t find a simple quick reference for which jet is which. So, from the Pac U OP Office in Forest Grove, OR, here is a quick reference for your Whisperlite jets:


G jet (no marking)- white gas only


IG jet – white gas and unleaded auto fuel (gasoline)


UG jet – white gas and unleaded auto fuel (gasoline)


K jet – kerosene


UK jet – kerosene


UC jet – canister fuels (need a separate attachment for fuel line to pump)


Whisperlite Universal Usage Tag



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