Who We Are

Our Mission

Here in Pacific University’s Outdoor Pursuits Office, we are all about the passion and drive that it takes to get up, get going, and GO WILD! We revel in the sweat, the trek, and the moment of breathtaking awe when the summit is reached and the world is laid at our feet. Even more than that, however, we thrive on having the ability day in and day out, to help you reach your own summit as well!

Our mission at Outdoor Pursuits is to inspire spirit of growth and exploration by humbly and skillfully guiding others on outdoor adventure trips that empower, challenge, and connect people to nature and each other. 

Our Staff

Our staff of roughly twenty zany and outdoor-crazed students, and two even zanier professionally trained Program Directors, work diligently to keep trips of all varieties running smoothly throughout the year.

Phil Zook Friesen, our fearless leader, started his journey into Outdoor Leadership years ago at Johns Hopkins University. He has since spent many a year guiding mountaineering trips on Mt. Rainier and now spends all of his time fueling the stoke fire here in the office and keeping us running smoothly.


Sam Morrison, the newest edition to the OP Family and our Assistant Director, joins us after time spent in Baja California working with sea kayaking. Born and raised in Grand Junction, CO he broke into the outdoor world through backpacking and hiking before finding his true love in water sports. We were lucky enough to nab him and now he spends his time keeping us on our toes with dry humor and wise words.

Ted Wogan, a recent grad of the Outdoor Leadership Minor, is interim second in command these days. When he isn’t off climbing mountains in Ecuador or meandering down the Pacific Crest Trail you’ll find him in the office, diligently managing trips and inspiring us all to get out more.

As for our student instructors, all are highly-trained and extremely competent when running trips. Not to mention that each brings something unique to the table–whether its a passion for a different outdoor activity, an underrepresented major or a singular taste in music.  Our differing personalities keep things interesting around the office and in the backcountry!

Let us show you what we mean… Head on over to our Trip Description page to see exactly what it is we do. If that piques your interest, be sure to check out our page on the official Pacific University website. Feel free to drop by our office in the Milky Way (right next to Maggie’s Buns) or give us a call at 503.352.2264! The one thing we love almost as much as getting outdoors is talking about it.


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