What We Do

Here in Pacific University’s Outdoor Pursuits Office we are all about the passion and drive that it takes to get up, get going, and GO WILD! To make this a reality for as many members of our community as possible we offer trips of varying sizes and shapes, rent all sorts of gear, and offer a myriad of Outdoor Leadership Classes.

Trips range anywhere from daytime excursions around Oregon to weeklong backpacking adventures in the Utah backcountry. All throughout the school year we offer students, staff, faculty, and community members the opportunity to join us in exploring all of the resources Oregon, and some of Washington, have to offer. Day trips vary from white water rafting to surfing to stand up paddleboarding (a new addition to the OP trip collection) to indoor and outdoor rock climbing and everything in between. In the winter, you may also find us moseying up to Mt Hood for downhill or cross country adventures. Overnight trips tend more towards the backpacking and rock climbing varieties (Be sure to check out our Spring Break options!) and range all over the West.

If you are more in the mood for a personal trip, we offer an assortment of gear for rent. Gear ranges from the basics of a comfortable campsite–tents, sleeping bags, pots, pans, and stoves–to more specialized gear for specific adventures–snowshoes, wetsuits, surfboards, mountaineering boots, you name it–and can even include the clothing layers it takes to keep you warm in the backcountry. Students and Faculty can rent equipment at a discounted rate from our office in the Milky Way.

We are also lucky enough to offer our very own Outdoor Leadership Minor here on the Pac U campus. Students who are looking to further their leadership skills and outdoor aptitude can join us for the full junket and spend some time learning invaluable outdoor skills in the classroom and the outdoors, or you can jump in on whichever individual options work best for you.

We love what we do! And more than that we love to share it with our community. Interested in learning more? Check out our official Outdoor Pursuits website for more information. If you would rather just chat, give us a call at 503.352.2264 or visit our office in the Milky Way (right next to Maggie’s Buns).


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